Monday, May 4, 2009

Dim Sum Sunday - Comfort Food

There are tons of comfort foods out there - which one to pick. When I tell you how I came up with my choice you'll say, "Buzz, how about putting some effort into this for Christ's sake?" Effort is the thing I'm really short on these days.

So I wasn't going to do an entry this Sunday because:

a. office work
b. yard work
c. chauffeur to kid's birthday party
d. soccer game
e. baseball game
f. Mother's Day is next week and I haven't a clue

Didn't think I'd have the time. Then the rains came in - all weekend long. Suddenly, b, d. and e. went away and I have some time to cook (f. is still there unfortunately - anyone have any ideas?). So I rummaged through the pantry and fridge to see what was on hand. For some reason, we have an over-abundance of potatoes, both baking and sweet. I did a quick recipe search and came up with this recipe for Caribbean Sweet Potato Salad.

Potato Salad is comfort food, right? A staple at all picnics and barbecues. I'm ashamed to say I fit the category with what I had on hand rather than what is truly comfort food to me. Had I made an effort it would have been meatloaf or chili or pot roast.

Instead, you get potato salad. And not the standard potato salad - Caribbean Sweet Potato Salad. Potato salad with sweet potatoes and no mayo. What am I doing here?

Anyway, I followed the recipe pretty closely (I tripled it - I had a lot of potatoes) but I left out the corn and cucumber (didn't have any - again effort). Slapped it all together, put it on the table and the Mrs. LOVED IT. I must say it tasted pretty good even though I overcooked the potatoes like I always do. So here's some rainy day, lack-of-effort (and imagination), last minute comfort food.

Bon Appetite.


Big Shamu said...

Buzz, here's the great thing. This just might BECOME your family's comfort food. You son might look back and say, one Sunday my dad made a recipe that I bugged him to make again and again. The new hit at the company picnic. It's a great effort and definitely appreciated. Thanks for coming back and joining in despite all the alphabet of chores.

Susan said...

looks and sounds delicious ! I'm trying this one ...for sure. merci !!

LaDivaCucina said...

Hmmm, you made something from my end of the world, the Caribbean! (ok, Flo-duh!) Interesting to add cukes to that texture and I always like peanuts. Hmmm. I like mashed sweet potatoes too esp. with Cajun meatloaf! (yes, it's made with turkey too, sorry!)