Sunday, May 17, 2009



h said...

Excellent pics. Nixe mix of real-life and movie stills. Happy Mute Monday!

Jenny said...

Must add that Cinderalla Liberty was filmed in Seattle.

Liberty must have been a helluva fun after all that time on a ship with a bunch of men.

Happy Mute Monday!

Bear said...

Great take... and I'm with Troll, good mix of pics.

Happy MM.

Kymical Reactions said...

these are great! my husband was in the Army - and he told me that when he was in Korea he had to spend 2 weeks on a Naval Ship enroute and back from Russia. He said it was one of the hardest things he has ever had to do and was glad he wasn't in the Navy.

I think the worst part for him was the sleeping bunks - because he is so tall. He said he could not roll over when he was laying down. If he wanted to flip sides he had to get out of bed and crawl back in. (I wouldn't be a fan either.)

Happy MM.

Pam said...

Dang you for beating me to Cinderella Liberty movie, but I did get to be first for "The Man Who SHot Liberty Valance." Maybe I was first. Happy MM.

Aunty Belle said... this distinctly male unnerstandin' of Liberty (capital L) and liberty fer the liberators.

Great MM!

moi said...

Cinderella Liberty is one of my favorite movies. Thanks for reminding me of that. A happy and free Mute Monday to ya!

Buzz Kill said...


The line gets blurred sometimes.


I did not know the movie was filmed there. I know An Officer and a Gentleman was filmed there, but I couldn't find any liberty-type pictures.


I'm tall too and have done a lot of piping work in the berthing spaces of ships. I had to do the same thing your husband did.


I think you were first too.


You know, I'm sure there are some great pics out there of WAVES on liberty, I just didn't find any.


You should go and rent it. It's available on DVD.

Vixen said...

Great pics! happyMonday!