Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dim Sum Sunday - Memorial Day Grilling

Big Shamu over at the Karmic Kitchen had a grilling challenge this past Memorial Day weekend. Specifically hot dogs. I love hot dogs and hers looked really good. The onions are a nice touch and I have to try that fruit chili sauce recipe (it keeps turning up in multiple blogs, so it must be good).

Well, I did barbecue this Memorial Day but it was last minute, nothing special and I forgot my camera (the sun was in my eyes, I ran out of gas, the dog ate my homework - choose any or all of these whiny excuses). We have a local swim club that we belong to and decided to join 2 other families for an impromptu barbecue in the shady grove.

The grove has charcoal barbecues available so that's what we used to cook hot dogs (Ballparks), hamburgers (Bubba Burgers) and chicken breasts (with BBQ sauce). I don't use charcoal that often and I overload the grill because I was drinking heavily. So we ended up with a mini-blast furnace. Needless to say the food was on the crispy side. But you know what, everyone was so hungry that they ate them anyway (listen boy, it's this or nothing). The boy's buddies (I call them the locusts - they lay waste to my fridge and pantry every weekend) didn't have any problem mooching the crispy food either.

I did make a green bean salad (sans kidney beans because the Mrs. doesn't like beans of any kind) with onion, parsley, salt, pepper, vinegar and garlic that came out pretty good. A little too green without the kidney beans but everyone ate it. All in all a nice afternoon at the pool. If I can ever get control of my schedule, maybe I can do some blog-worthy cooking in the future.


h said...

Sounds to me (not just from this post) that you've got a great sense of flavor-blending and do "worthy cooking" pretty often. You just don't have your camera around or the desire to put what you made in blog-form.

Some people, (donna and heff) are naturals at putting things in blog-form, some (you and me) struggle with it.

Anyhay, don't forget the THROWDOWN challenge on June 3rd at The Troll Report!

Heff said...

Rained here all F'n weekend. Had to cook "Bar Food" indoors for Troll's upcoming challenge.

Big Shamu said...

I love the "...I overload the grill because I was drinking heavily" line. And the locusts. I'm glad you had a good time and everyone went away full. Which makes your barbecue a success. Life is good, my friend.

Buzz Kill said...


I'm going to try and do something for the throwdown and Dim Sum Sunday, but the schedule is once again, out of control (2 family graduation parties, 2 baseball games and a mini soccer tournament. I have some ripening avocados, so I may make a simple guacomole for a Sunday snack.


Inside all week with Donna - I'm not seeing the down side here.

Anonymous said...