Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Movie Clip Wednesday - Most Funny Scene(s)

Boxer is hosting a Movie Clip Wednesday Meme where everyone picks a clip from their favorite movies based on a weekly theme. This week's theme is Most Funny Scene! With everyone seemingly in the winter doldrums lately, I think this is an excellent theme and look forward to a lot of laughter this week.

This is really tough. There are so many great scenes out there. It's impossible for me to narrow it down to 10 let alone the funniest. So I'll give you four scenes I think are hysterical.

This one from Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) is a classic. You all know it and I even have a T-shirt from this movie.

The next is a recent movie (2009) and is based on the old Don Adams series from the 60s - Get Smart. Steve Carell does an excellent Maxwell Smart (I think better than Don Adams) and this scene has me laughing so hard that tears stream down my face - and I've seen it like a dozen times.

This video couldn't be embedded, so here's the link to YouTube:

Get Smart - Crossbow scene

Then we have that low budget 1994 Kevin Smith flick - Clerks. And you all know the scene I'm talking about so I'll shut up now.

Lastly (and I'll probably take some heat for this one), this is what I think is the funniest Will Ferrell movie ever made and not because of Will Ferrell. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006) is funny because of John C. Reilly. If you've never seen this movie, I highly recommend it. And this is the funniest scene (and there are a lot of them):

Here's a special bonus track in honor of Boxer getting back in the ring. It's from a movie that has the distinction of using the most F-words in a Christmas movie (147):


h said...

Good stuff. I picked mine before Boxer changed the theme from "hysterical" to "Great Movie Comedies" or whatever she changed it to.

Always thought the two main characters from Clerks were funnier than "Silent Bob and Jay" who I gather are now in all of Kevin (Shamu) Smith's hollyweird films.

BlazngScarlet said...

ALL great choices!

I too have a "Holy Grail" t-shirt ... "I fart in your general direction".

Classic ...

Pam said...

Holy Crap!!!!! I swear we must have had the same childhood. Blog jinxer you. I, me, it was ME who picked hte Black Knight for the movie clip and KNEW I should have hit publish at 10PM last night instead of setting it for 8AM this morning. Booooooo! That is 4 folks so far who have done Monty Python and two (me/you) who picked this scene.

moi said...

Oh, MAN, Bad Santa is a highly underrated comedic gem. I think I've seen it half a dozen times, I love it so. Is that wrong?

Karl said...

Good morning Buzz Kill,

I had tears running down my cheeks by the time I got to the last clip, great choices!

Jenny said...

BAD SANTA!!!!! I forgot about the boxing scene. Bwahahahaha. Why does men getting hit in the family jewels make people laugh? The last hit was the best. I am ashamed at how hard I laughed.

Great picks and I'm glad to see so much Monty Python.

Buzz Kill said...

Yeah, what's up with changing the theme. I have a tough enough time with this.

Although the acting in Clerks is pretty poor, the dialogue is what makes this movie hysterical.

Cat Admiring Bitter Customer: Cute cat. What's its name?
Randal Graves: Annoying customer.
Cat Admiring Bitter Customer: [grabs pack of cigarettes] Fuckin' dickhead.

My T-shirt says, "It's only a flesh wound."

Who are your parents and have they ever been to South Jersey? It's uncanny how you and I think alike. Products of the 70s and 80s I guess. Monty Python is definitive comedy for our generation even though they're not American.


It's so very wrong on many levels. I actually saw this in the theater when it came out - with my 10 year old son. The Mrs said, "Oh, take the boy with you. It's a Christmas movie." Talk about bad parenting. He was, of course, the only child in the theater and he laughed like a mental patient the whole time. I got a lot of awkward stares from the audience.

Glad I could put you in touch with your feminine side.

Despite being embarrassed by the boy (see above Moi comment), I really enjoyed this movie. Hearing John Ritter say, "Fuck Stick" was worth the price of admission. When Tony Cox (Marcus) hits the canvas, I laugh every time.

LẌ said...

Actually, dinner at Chez Ricky Bobby looks pretty good!

Happy MCW!

Kymical Reactions said...

buzz, I see how you couldn't narrow it down here. I think I'll cast my vote for Clerks, though. I mean, how can I not. Hilarity. I heart Kevin Smith.

Happy MCW!

Pam said...

You did NOT almost post Sean of the Dead. It was ME who almost posted it! Ha, no but I almost did go with Hot Fuzz and the scene from the church fete, but didn't figure it stood on its own without the context of the rest of the movie.

Buzz Kill said...

Talladega Nights is a very, under rated movie. It's in my top 10 comedies of all time. There's a video mantage of all of the things that Walker and Texas Ranger (TR for short) say (a lot of cutting floor stuff) that will have you crying. It's on youtube but I can't access it right now. Anyway - watch the movie.


Of all of my selections, Clerks is the simplest, purest form of comedy. The dialogue is so well written.

Hot Fuzz is one of those films that's been on my radar for a while but I just haven't seen it yet. I get the feeling it's like a British Super Troopers. Shaun of the Dead is probably my favorite British film (I don't count Monty Python because I consider it more TV sketch humor than film).

Looking forward to blogger jinxing you next week.

Big Shamu said...

Hey Buzz, write me at Got a question for you.