Monday, March 8, 2010

Movie Clip Wednesday - Oscar Winners

Boxer is hosting a Movie Clip Wednesday Meme where everyone picks a clip from their favorite movies based on a weekly theme. This week's theme (presumably because of the Academy Awards this weekend) is Oscar Winners (unless she decides to change it - again)!

I thought on this a while and looked at the Wikipedia List. I started thinking about Forrest Gump because that is such a well made film and I laugh every time I see it. Then, while looking at the list, I realized there is only one film there that won best picture that I actually saw in the theater. All the others that I have seen have been on TV. And I remember seeing this film not because it was a great movie, but because of the theater we saw it in. My in-laws lived in Lakeland, FL back in 1992 and they had a newly opened theater that had club seating and you could order bar food and beer while watching the movie. I remember thinking, "Brilliant, this will surely catch on and is the best way to watch a movie." I never saw a place like this ever again.

Anyway, the movie was Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven and it won for Best Picture, Best Director (Clint Eastwood), Best Supporting Actor (Gene Hackman) and Best Editing. It also co-starred Morgan Freeman. This is a great, although dark, epic western. And these are the three best scenes in the movie. Sorry but two of them aren't the best quality, but you'll get the idea.

If you liked these, head on over to Boxer's and see a bunch of other Academy Award Winning Films. Don't bother going to Pam's because I'm sure she picked this movie too.


chickory said...

i love love loved unforgiven. for one thing, its the rare western. they just dont make them much anymore but thats too bad as the big sky west is a perfect backdrop for epic morality tales.

he should have armed himself.! indeed. i love the scene where silky tells clint that they put a sign on morgan freeman.

they put a sign on him???!!!!??

when he goes back to town, the music, the sound of boot and spur on the boardwalk before entering the saloon...its poetry. i love revenge scenes; who doesnt enjoy vindication that is quite permanent? grrrrrrrhahahahahaha
clint remains one of the few actual males in hollywood, not some gussied up metrosexual pretty boy.

dont cut up no whores, or i'll be back and i'll kill you, your wife and burn this whole damn town down.


excellent choice. right on!

h said...

Superlative choice. You've motivated me to see it for a second time. Probably Clint's best work as an actor and among his best as a film-maker.

Karl said...

Good morning Buzz Kill,

Great choice. Dark in the way only Clint Eastwood can be.

There was a theater like that in Annapolis, nice little place served beer wine and pizza. They were driven out by the big corporate theaters.

moi said...

I grew up in the American West and so of course under the influence of its ethos, particularly as defined in Clint Eastwood movies. Love the man and his films.

Pam said...

Oh this is classic, and your explanation of your choice is great too. We have one of those types of theaters here nearby (the Warren), not all screens have it but some do. What I like about this movie is that it is sort at the end of the old west era, you get the sense that things are changing soon. And Clint is just The Man. I'll have a clip up tomorrow. See if you think i was on your same wavelength.

Jenny said...

Not only a great choice, but a really great write-up. I loved this movie. It felt dark and true to the time period. I nearly picked "Gran Torino" because Clint Eastwood is a huge favorite of mine, but it was sadly passed up by the Oscars last year so I couldn't use it. I have no idea why.

I watched "The Sixth Sense" in the same kind of theater and it went away too. Boo. There are a few scattered around Seattle, but nothing like having nachos and beer served during a movie.

Buzz Kill said...

Yeah, this is a classic Clint Western. I love the line "Well, he should have armed himself if he's going to decorate his saloon with my friend." Oddly enough, my all time favorite Clint western is The Outlaw Josey Wales. I think this movie should have gotten some oscars. Unfortunately it was up against Rocky, Network and Taxi Driver.

As a director, I think this is definitely his best work.

That's what I'm talking about. Club seating doesn't put as many butts in the seats, so they don't last long.

Is there any other actor today who is the old western personified more than Clint? I think not.

Tomorrow's clip better not be Unforgiven. Bwahahaha
I think you're right about the time period of the movie although I couldn't find any websites that put a date to it. I don't recall seeing any civil war references, so I'm thinking it's the 1880s. Looking forward to your clip.

I just recently saw Gran Torino and that's the kind of movie Clint could end his career on (he'll be 80 this year). He actually wasn't suppose to make anymore movies after Million Dollar Baby, but I'm glad he did.

Those club theaters are a great way to watch movies. Better than popcorn food, and by serving beer, there are no kids. The trifecta for movie watching.

moi said...

Oh man, now THAT'S a movie, Gran Torino. I need to get it up on my favorite's list. Why, as Boxer points out, it was so overlooked during awards season is beyond me.

Heff said...

Nice Pick.

sparringK9 said...

i loved the outlaw josey wales. chief dan george got some of the great lines, like

"i didn't surrender, but they took my horse and made him surrender."


Buzz Kill said...

My guess is becauses it was one of the most racist movies made in a long time. Funny as hell though. He calls Hmong neighbors every name in the book. He's like that awkward uncle every family has.

Glad you liked.

The Outlaw Josey Wales is the best western (he said Best Western) ever made with so many cool lines.

Dying ain't much of a living boy


We thought about it for a long time, "Endeavor to persevere." And when we had thought about it long enough, we declared war on the Union.

Never gets old.

Jenny said...

unfortunately, Clint made Invictus. zzzzzzzz. Let's just forget it and remember Gran Torino. Million Dollar Baby wasn't bad, BUT real female boxers (and I know a few) were upset by the bad hit that caused her to fall. That never would have happened in professional boxing. Wrestling maybe, but not boxing. Still, you know I loved watching it.

Milk River Madman said...

Loved this film except I thought the ending was a little much but thats just me. I really like how Eastwood bought the rights to this film then waited for like 10 years to play the role so he would have the right appearance.

BlazngScarlet said...

Can't go wrong with Clint Eastwood.
And this, probably his best.

Great clips too!

Buzz Kill said...

I hear you on Invictus even though it has Morgan Freeman in it, I'll pass. I figured you'd dahve seen Million Dollar Baby. I haven't because I'm not a big boxing fan and it didn't look interesting.

I did not know that he sat on it until he aged enough. Learn something new every day.

Glad you liked it.

Joanna Cake said...

Great call! I loved all Clint's westerns but this really was the piece de resistance.

Buzz Kill said...

It's one of his best, but I still think The Outlaw Josey Wales IS the best.