Thursday, December 2, 2010

ThanksGiving Aftermath

Guess what? The Mrs actually took some Thanksgiving pictures this year. So I thought I'd share some of them being that I talked about this event in various people's comment sections. We had 26 people this year (down from a high of 34). To accommodate everyone, I rent tables, chairs and linens and I did up a plan view in AutoCAD to make sure everything fit. The dining room table will hold 8 plus 2 buffet tables on either side.

I added two 8-foot tables and extended them into the living room. I can seat 20 here and the other 6 (kids) at the kitchen table.

Here are some of the cheesy decorations we have in the house. This actually came from the Mrs' parents.

Here's the turkey (all 28 pounds) brined and stuffed.

Me and the boy stuffing and putting sage butter under the skin.

I went with a traditional white bread stuffing with apples and pears. This was a keeper.

Here's the dessert table in the living room. The pies (apple, pumpkin and pecan) eventually went on a 3-tier pie rack and there were some cupcakes and cookies brought by an in-law..

The turkey fresh out of the oven (after 6 hours cooking) with the cheese cloth removed. I use maple syrup, butter and chicken stock to keep the cheese cloth wet. The turkey was so big it overlapped the roasting pan and a lot of syrup dripped in the oven. Good thing the oven is self-cleaning.

The turkey on the cutting board. I carve it in the kitchen and put it in chafing dishes. We don't have room (and I don't have the patience) for traditional table-side carving.

And here's the feast at the main buffet. (From back to front) Turkey, stuffing, port wine demiglace gravy (bought at the meat market), garlic and chive mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes (made by my sister-in-law), corn and string bean casserole (made by the Mrs' sister). There was also rolls, corn bread, olives, cranberry sauce on the other table.
And there you go - until next year.


pam said...

Looks totally yummy! And great idea on renting the chairs and cloths. Not as costly as one might think, either. But am most impressed with the autocad. That is one program I have always wanted to learn.

Dani said...

Looks great Buzz!

moi said...

Holy moly, you are a most excellent husband. And, I want the recipe for your pear stuffing, por favor.

Anonymous said...

Great feast! Apple/pear stuffing rocks. I've declared Haiku Thursday a tie. Thanks for the Medi correction!

moi said...

Okay, so I finally got it: Med-it-er-ain-yen.

Thank you, Buzz, for giving me something to work on today, besides this boring-ass assignment.

Milk River Madman said...

Wow. That's all I have.

Buzz Kill said...

It saves me from having to store stuff in the house all year round for a one day event, but it's not cheap. @ tables, 4 buffet tables, 8 linens and 18 chairs were $260.

I use AutoCAD for work, so I get the software for free. To buy costs about $3,800. With as many tables and chairs as I have to squeeze in around the other furniture, plus traffic paths, it was the only way I could do it. It took several versions before I got it right (and Mrs approved).

Thanks. You're a good cook, you should show us some of your Thanksgiving. Do you still have that Son of Sage plant that Shamu gave you?

I keep a Word Document with the recipes and particulars for each Thanksgiving. I don't remember where I got this recipe, plus I made changes to it. So I have put it in a separate post on the Buzzkill for your viewing pleasure.

See above coment for recipe.

Moi had a far better haiku than me. I don't expect to win but the competitor in me didn't want to take another disqualification.

I was being a smartass with the haiku theme and it blew up in my face. I will do it again, of course.

Thanks. It's the only party we host all year, so the Mrs likes me to do it big. Especially because this year was mostly her side of the family.

moi said...

Good. You should most definitely be both a smart ass and stick up for yourself. It's what we count on you for. You wrote a most excellent haiku and I'm not precious about sharing a win of any kind. So long as I get the prizes that I know, just, ahem, know are coming. But, basically I couldn't figure out how Webster arrived at their conclusion, that's all :o)

Jenny said...

Hey! Can we come to your house next year?

Nicely done. Having hosted 16 people I am impressed with your ability to serve a ton of people good food.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Buzz Kill,

Sir, that is a truly impressive spread. I also like the use of AutoCAD, it just shows that certain attention to detail only an experienced engineer could have.

In the future if you decide you have the room to store them I have plenty of chairs (20 of them will store in 8 square feet approximately 7 feet high) and many stainless steel serving trays. I will happily make you are real good deal on them. The stuff came with the boat which was originally certified for 150 passengers. I have been getting rid of chairs, serving trays and decorations for all the holidays ever since I purchased her. How about a Good Humor ice cream display freezer, I have one of those two. It could be the hit of your next party.