Sunday, July 24, 2011

Haiku Monday - SWEAT

Jesus H. Christ it's hot here in the northeast (H for humidity) - and I don't do well in the heat. We get hot summers but not consecutive 100 degree days. We've been over 90 degrees for 7 consecutive days. Storms have been in the area and either track north or south of us, missing by a mile or two (I watch the Doppler on all the time). We're in some kind of meteorological dead zone here.

So SWEAT is definitely on my mind - and my forehead - and down my back. So let's here what your poetic alter egos think about sweat.

Place your 5-7-5 format Haiku in the comments section below to be eligible for the Badge Of Great Honor. I will judge only 1 Haiku per entrant. So, if you post more than 2 below, let me know which one you want judged.

And, of course, you can post more haiku and visuals at your own blogs/websites if you are so inclined. I'll give everyone the whole day Monday and judge sometime on Tuesday.

Days humidity.

Cool rivers snake down my back

Amazon shirt glue.
Everyone knows girls don't sweat.


fishy said...

Sunday Morning:

Eighty @ 6:10
forecasting triple digit
sweat expectations

Anonymous said...

"Amazon shirt glue" is golden. Pretty sure some or all of what's on your "My Blog List" are now inactive.

I've got a visual up at

Troll Turned Down in Tokyo

Riko said "No!" to
hot sweaty sex. Racist? Or

moi said...

Nice one, Buzz. Gluey is the perfect word to describe drying sweat. I hope you get some rain soon because heat is one thing; mixed with humidity is quite another.

I'm up.

Heat blazes, brow pricks.
Ineffectual swipe. Ow!
Sunscreen burn blinds eyes.

czar said...

coming up empty

Haikuless Monday.
on per- . . . no in-spiration.
Not gonna sweat it.

sparringK9 said...

A pheromone blast
by means of cooling system;
Kill it with Secret!

Fleurdeleo said...

Blazing Boardwalk

Frozen custard cone.
My tongue glides along my lip
tasting cream and salt.

Sharon Rudd said...

Sunday Morning Farmers Market

Daunted, drenched by nine.
Then rare orange veg espied.
Others' sweat, I'll prize.

The heat and humidity must be getting to me, because I actually came up with an entry. Visual up at my place.

Buzz Kill said...

I hear you. We finally got some rain yesterday (Sunday) and this morning it was a bearable 72 degrees.

Karmic Kitchen is still there, but you're right, I'll update it - in my spare time.

Riko? I think there's an actual story here - that didn't have a happy ending.

We just got some rain and they're (the weather people) pretty sure we're getting more tonight. I commented on your blog post.

I like that a lot. Haikuless - an inspired new word? Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration - and just too much work to bother in this heat.

Do woman still use Secret? And pheromone blast - I'm a little turned on. Bwahahaha

Another sexy sweat-inspired haiku image. Salt and ice cream is a good flavor combo, no matter where it come from. I definitely need to towel off.

I saw. I like the killing-2-birds-witih-1-stone approach you took this week. Something I try to do all the time.

Karl said...

Good morning Buzz Kill,

I think you could win this week too.

The dry-suit dilemma:

Thermals in summer?
Too hot above the thermocline
Wet and cold at depth


Relief from the heat
Beads collecting on the glass
Amber ambrosia

Judge the first one, the second one might be considered sucking up.

moi said...

@ Troll: Hilarious. Great last line. But, didn't Master Basho's Ghost school you in the art of seducing persnickety Asian chicks?

@Karl: I never thought it was possible to sweat while swimming until I started to seriously train. And now the big question: do I buy a wetsuit for winter?

@K9: Secret! How does that go again? Made for a man but . . . for a woman, but men like it, too? Or is that Irish Spring?

sparringK9 said...

@troll: a warning: asian chicks are bossy. V's friend left his wife for one. and now she barks out orders like that dude in the russian roulette scene in the deer hunter. yeah, okay, whatever, my racist generalization. still...ive heard about the nail salon pushy dictatorships too. just sayin

@moi. ja, thats irish spring. secret is "little black dress approved". arrid wouldve worked too for syllables...but i needed a female brand to make the point of blocking out a useful attraction tool. *shrug*

czar said...

"Haikuless Monday," it occurred to me, might have been better as

"Hi clueless Monday"

Aunty Belle said...
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Aunty Belle said...

Wow, Buzz....lots of evocation in yore sample--river/ amazon/ snakes --good entry.

Shure glad y'all gotcha some rain--whew!

Book on Chest

'Neath noonday haze the
hammock stills;gnats sip at his
Beaded haloed head.

moi said...

@Czar: Oh, the ol' coulda been, shoulda been. Very clever.

@K9: Nail salon owners and tailors . . . Two years ago, I go in with a couple things that need altering, she's hemming the pants of this elderly gentleman.

Barks out at him, "Cuff or no cuff?"

He looks at her and says, "Pardon?"

"Cuff or no cuff!?"

He looks at me as if to say, "Help."

I say, "Sir, she's asking if you'd like a cuff at the end of your pants or if you'd like them hemmed without one."

"Ah," he says, and then turns to my tailor: "No cuff, please."

"What, you crazy man? You have cuff!"

Karl said...

@ Moi: Yes, you can sweat in the water. Depending on the level of intensity, you can be cool on some portions of your body and overheated on others. Having sweat dripping to your eyes in a diving helmet can be quite uncomfortable. Check your mail for wet suit information.

Karl said...

One to add for sweat dripping in your eyes:

My eyes, sweat it burns.
Can't wipe them till on surface.
Thirty foot stop, please NO!

fishy said...

My Monday:

How is this structured?
Cantilevered three over.
Yeah? Sweat the tension!

Jenny said...

I did not return in time to write anything, but I've enjoyed reading all of the entries.

Sorry you've had a bad heat wave. My 17 year old nephew just returned from the East Coast after three weeks and I guess he nearly wept when he got off the plane to find our mild temps.

Buzz Kill said...

Some great entries but, like all monumentally great things, this installment of Haiku Monday has now ended. I will be back later today or tomorrow with a winner. This morning it was a chilly 72 degrees - and I am still sweating.

Fleurdeleo said...

I am still sweating, too. Residual heat memory from last week. Moi, priceless crazy Asian lady story!

sparringK9 said...


Aunty Belle said...

@ Dawg,
thang is yore Moi impersonation is SO GOOD!

Buzz Kill said...

All righty then. I can see by the comments and mouth frothing on the keyboards that everyone is ready for - HAIKU JUDGEMENT TIME!

I have posted my review over at the Buzzkill and boy, it sure is ripe. Thanks for all the participation, perspiration and great comments.

Let's not make me do this again.