Sunday, May 3, 2009



h said...

Uber-clever. I looked at it twice and it all added up finally. But I'll let someone else get the troll points.

Buzz Kill said...


Figured you might like this one. I picked Sham with you in mind.

Jenny said...

Geez, I suck at this stuff.

I have no idea, but I'll be back to see the answer. Oh yes I will!

Happy Mute Monday.

Aunty Belle said...

uh...youse at the entertainment channel? No? New York (State)?

Pam said...

Way over my head but can't wait to see what the answer will be! Happy MM!

Nan-Nan said...

I am gonna guess that your mystery place is "Second Place". How did I do?? Happy MM!

Bear said...

I recognise the Buffalo Bills and Yankees as New York teams... and I'm an Aussie, go figure... Dewey and Queens was (is) in New York... Al Gore visited New York... the Olympic basketball team played some games in New York... and the guy in the white coat looks like he's from New York... Soooooooo... my guess is;

Losers... or if you prefer 'Second Place' getters.

Happy MM.

Heather Cherry said...

This was very clever, Buzz.

Aunty Belle said...

OOOOOH, yep, very clever.

Buzz Kill said...


I'll be here.


The theme has to do with entertainment but not necessarily in NY.


It's not that far over your head.


good guess and thanks for playing.


I need to keep in mind we have an international audience for this game. good guess and thanks for playing.

HC and Aunty

The mrs doesn't think I'm clever at all.

TSintheC said...

THAT was awesome! Happy Mute Monday.

moi said...

I'm not clever enough to guess. Either that, or too lazy. But knowing you, it'll be GOOD. I'll be back!

Kiki said...

I recognize the first one, that's easy peasy. Trying to make the connection with the rest, my first thought is things in NY. But the bobsled team? Wintry items, or things that go to Canada (which might also be the Bills).

I'm going to say WNY - it's the only place where you can get all four seasons in the same day!

Vixen said...

Um. Stumped. HappyMonday!

Kymical Reactions said...

Hummm. I am stumped too! This could be anything really. Since there are several references to New York, I will go with that.

Can't wait to see what you got! I have a challenge up at my place too!