Sunday, May 31, 2009

MUTE MONDAY - NEW YORK (Gangs and Gangsters)

Note: Although this is a Mute Monday I felt the first 5 pictures needed identification. The rest is up to you.

Joseph Massino - The Bonanno Family

Steven "Stevie Wonder" Crea - The Lucchese Family

Alphonse "Little Allie Boy" Persico - The Colombo Family

Daniel "The Lion" Leo - The Genovese Family

John Gotti - The Gambino Family


moi said...

Classic NYC gangster movies, all. But my favorite is no doubt King of New York. Happy Mute Monday!

h said...

Very cool. I recognized all the flicks except the one with Chef Walken.

Happy Mute Monday!

Jenny said...

God help me, but I love Mobsters. Real and in Film.

There is no one better at it then DeNiro.

Happy MM!

Buzz Kill said...


Christopher Walken is one of the most under-rated actors of our time and I think King of New York is his best film. I read that in the subway scene (the pic that I'm showing here) the woman playing the hostage was not an actress and Walken said to her, "I'm going to do something awful to you, but I will not hurt you." How cool is that?

Buzz Kill said...


That pic is from Goodfellas, the 2nd greatest mafia movie ever made next to the Godfather.

Kymical Reactions said...

ooooh! This is a fun post! I love all those old gangster flicks. you talkin to me?

Aunty Belle said...


Yeah, De Niro is incomparable.

Terrific, Buzz.

Happy MM!

h said...

"Funny, how? Like a clown? I'm here to freaking amuse you?"

Nan-Nan said...

OOOOOOOoooooooooh really good post Buzz! Fabulous take on the theme for today. I agree, nobdy does tough like DeNiro. Happy MM!

Kiki said...

Nice take! I knew I was missin' something!!!

Happy MM!

Jenny said...

C.Walken can also DANCE (Pennies From Heaven) and he's one of my all time favorites. I was glad to see him included. Godfather I & II - great... III? Not so good.

Vixen said...

Oh very cool! Great idea for the theme!


Pam said...

Great theme for MM! Love Ray Liotta, however, that Christopher Walken pic is a scream. Of course, I can't see him without thinking that ... that ... "I need more COWBELL"!!!! Happy MM